Collective Acts of Worship

Collective Acts of Worship St Oswald’s

Collective Acts of Worship (CAW) are planned on a termly basis and incorporate all major Christian festivals, values, themes and traditions. We are following the Roots and Fruits scheme, which focuses on a different fruit of the spirit each half term. It includes a range of stories from the Bible and helps children to apply it to their own lives. 

Every Tuesday, the Ethos team plan and lead their own CAW related to one of the parables or stories from the Bible. They look at the same story throughout the half term and provide children with oppourtunities to develop their understanding of the Bible and how it is relelvant in their own lives. The Ethos Team choose and introduce new songs, prayers and themes in Worship. In addition to this children choose prayers on a daily basis.

The projector in the hall enables the use of video clips and presentations to enhance children’s engagement.  A focal point for worship is currently candles, which are lit to represent Jesus being the light of the world and being present during CAW. 

Every Friday the Head teacher leads a celebration assembly which provides the opportunity for children’s work, efforts, behaviour and achievements to be recognised and celebrated.

Both the school and the church follow the Roots and Fruits planning, building on the stories and ideas involved in this. The Ethos team have their own CAW planning folder, where they plan their own.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from Collective Acts of Worship following a discussion with the Headteacher.

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