In order to encourage creativity and independence in writing, we write for an extended period every two weeks throughout the school. We work towards this in daily literacy lessons and take our stimulation and inspiration from quality books covering many genres. This allows teachers to assess progress and evaluate personal short term targets regularly.

Throughout literacy lessons, children are encouraged to:

•Talk about their writing

•Find exciting words and use these in their writing.

•‘Borrow’ exciting words and phrases from other authors.  ‘WOW’ words.

•Have a go at using interesting examples of punctuation.

•Write for an extended period of time.

•Re-read their own writing and find ways to make it better.

•Understand what they need to do next to improve.

Children are taught elements of grammar both in specific lessons and, so they can see in practice, through the medium of the quality texts used in the classroom.

We develop handwriting using a progressive pre-cursive font called 'Nelson FK.' This supports pupils to join letters from an early age.

Spellings are given weekly and come from the child's own individual needs, along with the spellings from the National Curriculum.

We encourage our children to apply their literacy skills in all areas of the curriculum and in homework activities. Our Learning Logs ( independent homework books) demonstrate the care and attention our pupils pay to presentation, handwriting and literacy skills.



We believe that reading should be a source of pleasure and that it is the key to learning. We aim to involve parents in children’s reading as much as possible. Children read to a range of adults, either individually or in groups, on a daily basis.
Their Individual Reading Record books are an important source of communication between home and school, especially in the early years. We use a structured reading scheme alongside a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books.

Phonics are taught using the ReadWrite Inc. programme. We use a combination of whole class teaching and group or individual work.

The National Curriculum is used as a guide, but work is also taught thematically to reinforce and link to other areas of the curriculum.


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