Federation Consultation

Federation of Bunbury Aldersey CE Aided Primary School and St Oswald’s  Worleston CE Controlled Primary School Under One Head Teacher

Since April 2015 St Oswald’s and Bunbury Aldersey schools have been working closely together under the leadership of Mrs Fiona Todd. 

The opportunity to consider the option of federation has resulted from the belief by the Governing Bodies of both schools that building upon existing close working will ensure continuity and provide the best education for our children. The Governing Bodies have both voted to undertake consultation with regard to federation.

At the end of the consultation period, the Governing Bodies of the two schools made a final decision on whether to federate, taking into account everyone’s views and comments. During the formal consulation process stakeholders have had the opportunity to attend meetings and to make views known by email or in writing.

The information below is a summary of questions from our inital open meeting with parents on 19th October 2015.

In recent months much has been done to strengthen links between the two schools. However, the aim is that bringing the schools even closer together would result in improved outcomes for all children through the sharing of expertise, resources and facilities. This would support shared leadership and opportunities to improve teaching and learning across both schools. Our vision for the Federation is two distinct schools, each with their own unique character, working together to ensure the best possible outcomes for all our pupils.

This would mean:

  • The two schools would remain as separate schools but under the leadership of one Head Teacher (known as the Executive Head Teacher)
  • A single, shared vision and ethos
  • Shared leadership of the two schools
  • Shared policies and procedures

Each school would:

  • Keep its own name, identity and uniform
  • Have its own separate budget
  • Keep the current arrangements for admissions
  • Be accountable for children’s attainment
  • Have separate Ofsted inspections

What would federation mean for children?

  • A consistent approach to teaching and learning for all pupils as the children move between the two schools
  • Increased capacity to meet the needs of children through sharing of knowledge and resources
  • A consistent approach to expectations of behaviour, both in and out of the classroom
  • More opportunities to share and manage expertise and facilities effectively thereby enriching the children’s learning experience
  • The opportunity for combined activities

What would federation mean for parents?

Reassurance that your child will benefit from the advantages that would normally only be found in a primary school through:

  • A common approach to teaching and learning throughout both schools
  • A shared vision and ethos, with common approaches, eg, behaviour
  • Consistency of communication and policies
  • The opportunity for shared activities

What would federation mean for staff?

  • The proposal is for shared leadership between the two schools: this will mean one Executive Head Teacher
  • It is proposed that there will be 2 Deputy Heads  ( Mr Goodwin and Mrs Badger) who will be referred to as ‘Heads of School’ being responsible on a day-to-day basis, as the Executive Head Teacher’s deputies; one for each school
  • Staff will continue to be employed on the same conditions of service
  • Stronger collaboration and the size of the combined schools will allow for increased opportunities for continuing professional development and career development
  • The combined size of the schools will enable the proposed federation to attract and retain high quality staff
  • A common approach to teaching and learning, along with a single system of target setting, assessing, moderating teaching and learning, and tracking pupil progress
  • Development of continuity and quality by identifying best practice from both schools and applying it across the federation
  • It is anticipated, however, that staff will continue and extend partnership working with their local Education Partnership

See Ofsted research: http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20141124154759/http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/leadership- of-more-one-school


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