At St Oswald’s we use the National Curriculum 2014 to plan our mathematics provision.

Lessons include discrete teaching and also application of skills through a topic. We place a high value on mathematics and ensure that it is taught for at least 5 hours per week discretely. We use Assertive Mentoring to assess children's progress and any gaps in understanding so that teachers can rapidly plug those gaps and develop greater flexibility in applying known skills.

We also use Numicon to support our maths teaching. This resource set helps our children to make mathematical connections and to move from practical number activities to abstract calculations easily.

Here is a link to the Numicon webpage; you can access some free resources via the link.

Home work

We include practical application of mathematics in our 'Take Away Homework' so that children can choose to engage in a meaningful task which challenges them to apply their skills.

We expected children to practise times tables each week from Year 1 (x1,x2,x5,x10) to Year 6 (up to x12). Teacher's will regualry assess the children's knowledge of times tables and their ability to apply this knowledge flexilbly (and the inverse).

Mathletics is an online resource purchased by school to allow the children to access up to date maths activities to support their learning at home. Parents can access the portal via their child's password to support their learning using the most up to date methods. 

Here is a useful link below which explains the recent research project showing the positive impact that Mathletics has on the attainment of children in their maths tests at Primary School:,56FR,2R4CPZ,F7LN,1

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