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At St Oswald's Primary School our Christian beliefs are reflected across the school.  From assemblies and lessons to the way we interact with others on a daily basis, we always aspire to act in a way that demonstrates God’s love and concern for each individual. 

We understand school life can be extremely busy and that it is important for children to have time and space to reflect on their own beliefs and values.  There are also times when we need to approach someone who is infinitely wiser and bigger than we are and our reflective areas are an area where children can do this. 

Below are pictures of reflective areas found in each classroom and an explanation of some of the interactive ideas provided in the reflective room located in Lower Key Stage 2.  Their focus is currently ‘Jesus, Light of the World.’ 

Interactive ideas:

Light searches our hearts

Inside the prayer room is a box with a heart-shaped door.  The box is dark inside and the children are encouraged to open the door; as they do the darkness disappears. Similarly the children are encouraged to reflect on their own thoughts hidden inside them that may be mean or selfish and affect the way they act and think.  The children are given the opportunity to say sorry for bad attitudes and as they open the box they can ask Jesus to shine his light in their hearts, helping them to think lovingly towards others.  The light wins every time! 

Light a candle for someone (battery operated!).

The children are encouraged to think about someone who may be struggling at the moment and say a prayer for them as they switch on the little light.  Suggestions for prayers include asking God to shine his light on them, provide them with comfort, peace and love or for an ability to see past the problem. They could pray for a friend struggling with school work, someone they know who is ill, world situations, someone who is lonely etc. They can also write their prayers on candles cut from paper.

Like stars in the universe.

Inspired by the verse from Philippians 2v15 about God’s children shining like stars in the universe each one of the children’s faces is on a star hanging from the ceiling to show that they have this potential. 

Walking in God’s ways.

On the floor are footprints reading truth, goodness, kindness, love, gentleness, righteousness and other qualities which are highly esteemed in God’s word.  The children are encouraged to choose to walk in these ways and are used when arguments arise to help them think differently about what they stand for. 

Shining a light in the darkness.

There is a torch in the room for the children to turn on once they have closed the door for a few seconds.  The idea is for them to see that it is impossible for darkness to stay when a light is turned on and relates to Jesus’ words about light overcoming darkness.

Reading God’s word.

There are children’s bibles and stories in the room related to his word being a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.  The children enjoy reading these to one another and have been used before to cheer one another up.   

Reflecting on who God made them to be.

There is a mirror in the room with some bible verses and the children are encouraged to recognise that God has made them wonderfully.

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