Takeaway homework

Date: 20th Sep 2017 @ 10:31am

In Reception class we use issue Takeaway homework which provides children opportunity to consolidate the work we have done at school in a fun way.

The best types of homework for young children and their parents in their first years of school include;

  • Some time to relax and play and be creative at home and outside each day.
  • Being read to by a parent each day for fun and relaxation and to enjoy some parent child time.
  • Reading/ sharing a book from school each day or second day.
  • Limiting electronic entertainment (TV, DVDs, computer games) each day. No more than an hour ‘screen time’ each day.
  • Eating together as a family as often as possible without the TV on, so children are practising speaking, listening and sharing together.
  • Providing lots of things at home to write, draw, create and construct with.
  • The best homework of all in the Early Years is family time, playing together, talking together, reading, enjoying books, resting and not being too overscheduled after school each day.

Takeaway Homework for this term will be sent home with your child tonight, and can also be found on the website.

Please continue to use the All About Me Too book which we will share each week along with any homework your child has completed from the Takeaway Homework.

Thank you!

Mrs Tomlinson

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