Lower Key Stage 2: 'The Hedgehogs' 2020 - 2021

Miss Boulton

Miss Boulton

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Mrs Agnew

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Miss Malley

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Miss Swansbury

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to the Hedgehogs' Class Page.


Welcome to the Hedgehogs' Class Page.


Welcome back to our new Spring term 🌷 

This term, our learning will be centred around the topic of 'Changes through the ages.' Please see the downloadable topic map below to give you an idea of the things we will be teaching and learning. 


We will be learning all about  what it was like to be a child in the Stone Age and Iron Age, and the changes that took place in Britain during these times. We will explore what humans needed for survival in these eras, the jobs they did and the homes they had, looking at artefacts and cave paintings to tell us about this period of time. We will create our own cave paintings.

We will learn about Woven Textiles and how Stone Age man’s early experiments with string and thread lead to the first woven textiles. Threads of strings of different sizes were knotted and laced together to make many useful things.

We will a go at weaving on a card loom and see how patterns develop, then design our own weave pattern.

We will  also learn to be our very own “Rock stars” this term, investigating materials, specifically learning about the physical properties and formation of different kinds of rocks.  We will make careful observations and ask relevant questions, using different types of scientific enquiries to answer them.

We will then go on to explore Fossilisation and learn how some rocks contain fossils.

Fossils were formed millions of years ago. When plants and animals died, they fell to the seabed. They became covered and squashed by other material. Over time the dissolving animal and plant matter is replaced by minerals from the water. We will link this learning to how fossilisation helped us to understand prehistoric times such as the Stone Age and Iron Age era.

In English, We will begin with looking at “Stone age boy” by Satoshi Kitamura, using this fantasy text to inspire us and our imagination and interest in this prehistoric era. Through this beautifully illustrated text, we will explore themes and language and look how verbs, nouns and prepositional phrases are used to create images.  We will make predictions about the story, the characters, inferring how they feel and compare their life to ours. We will then Generate ideas, plan and write our own story.

In Maths, We will further develop our knowledge of multiplication and diviision. Year 3 will also look at length, comparing and measuring in cm, m, and km.

Year 4 will learn about bar graphs, line graphs And picture graphs.

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Year 3/4 Staff:

We are very lucky in the Y3/4 class to have the following staff to support and help the children in their learning:

Miss Boulton and Mrs Agnew: Y3/4 Teachers.

Miss Malley and Miss Swansbury: We are really lucky to have a fantastic team of Teaching Assistants who will be supporting and leading children in their learning. 

Mr Goodwin: Teaching year 4 Maths.

Mr Friel: P.E. We are keen to introduce Mr Friel as our PE coach on A Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon.

Mr Birch: We are fortunate to have Mr Birch on a Friday afternoon to teach P Brass instruments to the Year 3/4 class. 


P.E Sessions:

For the Spring term, we ask that children can please come to school in their P.E. kits on P.E. day, which is on a Monday and Tuesday. 


We are lucky as we will  be having weekly ‘P type’ (Plastic) brass lessons which will  take place on a Friday afternoon. It is essential that the children bring in their instruments every week on a Friday and practise their brass instruments at home every week ready for the next session.

Homework Explained!

Creative Learning Projects:

These will be ‘creative project’ based on topic work taking place in the classroom and will be handed out every two / three weeks to give children enough time to do a good job! These missions are aimed to give children more time and more say in how they present their homework. Each child will be given a personalised Learning log that will include their mission brief, options on how they can present their homework and the date it is due in. We will not be writing corrections or comments over their homework in order not to ruin their beautifully presented work. However, will write comments and award merits on a ‘mission de-brief sheet’ in the back of their learning log.

In our experience, children seem to prefer these types of homework and henceforth produce some high quality work.

English Homework:

SPAG based homework based on what they have been learning in class. This will involve a focus on either punctuation or grammar sentence / word level activities.

Weekly Spellings:

10 spellings handed out weekly on a Monday and expected back in on the following Monday showing they have practised at least 4 times during the week. These spellings will be tested on a Monday.


Maths Homework:

This will be handed out on a Friday and expected in the following Wednesday. This might be a worksheet type activity or problem-solving question related to maths work they have been undertaking in class. In addition, the children in Y3/4 class are expected to be regularly logging onto Mathletics and ideally achieving 1,000 points per week – this equates to roughly 30 minutes work.

Times Tables:

Your child will be given a login for Times Tables Rockstars, an exciting online tool to help them to learn times tables. Your child will have a weekly timestables test on a Friday and we thank you in advance for your support in helping them to prepare for this. 


Your child has a school reading book which is either a colour banded book or a free reading book. They also have an individual reading journal. Please can we encouage as much reading at home as possible and a comment written from you when you can. Thank you. 

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