Upper Key Stage 2: 'The Foxes' 2018 - 2019

Miss Ramage

Miss Holdsworth

Welcome to the Year 5/6 (Foxes) Class Page!

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We are very excited to start a new school year, as we know it will bring many exciting opportunities: 

Y5/6 Autumn Term 2018 Curriculum: 

  • Topic -  We Will Remember - This term we are reflecting on 100years since the end of World War I. We will specifically be focussing on women of the war and life on the home front. In our afternoon lessons, we will be exploring this as part of the creative curriculum.
  • English 'Peace Lily' by Hilary Robinsion, which follows the life of a girl who watches her friends go off to fight and decides that she too wanted to help in the war efforts.
  • Maths - Y5/6 will be looking at number and place value, with a big focus on the value of each digit. We will be addressing misconceptions and looking at how we can use resources to embed learning. We will also be focussing on improving our mental maths skills.  
  • Music - All children will get the opportunity to play a brass instrument with Mr Birch, lessons have now moved to friday afternoon.
  • RE -  Is taught weekly on a friday afternoon. This half term, we will be exploring the good news of Jesus in the gospel of God, as well as exploring different Christians ideas of God. We will be asking questions and exploring our own ideas too.
  • French - Weekly sessions taught by Mrs Craven - including practical speaking and listening activities, games and roll play. 
  • Science - We will be exploring the human body and how we can look at. We will be relating this to our creative curriculum work on life during wartime. We will be working scientifically to explore the circulatory system, digestive system and nutrition.
  • PE - Indoor games, gymnastics and circuit training.  

Year 5/6 Staff:

We are very lucky in the Y5/6 class to have the following staff to support and help the children in their learning:

Miss Ramage: Y5/6 Teacher. 

Miss Holdsworth: We are really lucky to have to have Miss Holdsworth as part of the team for another year. She has been brilliant teaching assistant this year, who has really aided and supported children in all aspects of their learning.

Mrs Craven: We are lucky to have Mrs Craven carrying on, she will be continuing to teach the children french on a Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Dooley: Mr Dooley will be contining to teach the children PE on both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

Mr Birch: The children are very lucky to have Mr Birch teaching them music every week, this will take place on Friday afternoons.


SATs Booster Sessions: Information on this will be given out before October half term. 

P.E Sessions:

Y5/6 Foxes are very lucky to have Mr Dooley teaching them PE for another year!

During the autumn term children will be both inside and outside for PE, so we would ask them to bring clothes appropriate for any weather condition.

Tuesday and Wednesday PM:

With Mr Dooley and include a variety of different team sports and gymanastics during the Autumn term.


We are continuing our weekly brass lessons  on a Friday afternoon with Mr Birch. It is essential that the children bring in their instruments every week on a Friday and practise their brass instruments at home every week ready for the next session.

Homework Explained!

Creative Mission Tasks:

These will be ‘creative missions’ based on topic work taking place in the classroom and will be handed out every two – three weeks to give children enough time to do a good job! These missions are aimed to give children more time and more say in how they present their homework. Each child will be given a personalised Learning log that will include their mission brief, options on how they can present their homework and the date it is due in. We will not be writing corrections or comments over their homework in order not to ruin their beautifully presented work, however, will write comments and award merits on a ‘mission de-brief sheet’ in the back of their learning log.

In my experience, children seem to prefer these types of homework and henceforth produce some high quality work.

Literacy Homework:

SPAG based for revision towards SATs, handed out on a Friday and due back in the following Wednesday. 

Weekly Spellings:

10 spellings will be given out on a Friday from their spelling teacher, these will be due in the next friday ready for a spelling test in their group. Any child scoring less that 5 will be asked to do them again and be re-tested.

Maths Homework:

This will also be handed out on a Friday and expected in the following Wednesday. This might be a worksheet type activity or problem-solving question related to maths work they have been undertaking in class.  In addition, the children in Y5/6 class are expected to be regularly logging onto Mathletics and ideally achieving 10 gold bars (new activities) and / or 1,000 points per week – this equates to roughly 30minuts work.

Homework Club:

We know how busy home life can often be and how hard it is to squeeze time into complete homework each week. We will run a weekly lunchtime homework club on a Friday for Year 5/6 children who need extra time and/or support in completing their homework. This will run from 12.15-12.40pm.

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