Welcome Back!!

Date: 5th Jun 2017 @ 9:41pm

Welcome back to St Oswald's to all of our children and their families! We hope you have had a lovely half term!

We have had a very exciting day today in the Owl Class! When we arrived in school this morning, the classroom doors were wide open and we discovered really large footprints leading through the classroom and outside into our garden!

We went on a hunt for clues, following the footsteps onto the field. We found broken twigs and a sign that had been knocked off. After lots of discussion, we decided that the footprints must belong to some wild animals that had wandered into our classroom. 

We have written letters to the local police-station, to tell them about our discovery to see if they want to investigate it further. We think that the footprints must be from quite large animals, somebody suggested that they were from an elephant, and other children suggested that they were from bears, wolves, zebras and even a lion!

We hope that we can solve the mystery soon!

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