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13th July  2020

Hello Everyone!

I can't believe we have reached the final week of the summer term, what a term it has been, not quite how any of us planned it but we are all safe and well and that is the main thing.

It was an absolute pleasure to write your child's school report and I hope that you enjoyed reading them. Incase anyone wants to know the statements on the Early Learning Goals that the report refers to, I have created a word doc and attached it at the bottom of this webpage.

For the final week we are travelling back in time again, to look at the story of 'The Dinosaur Who Pooped a Planet'. We have looked at dinosaurs in school at the very beginning of the year and every child quickly learnt more than me, so I wonder if they can remember any facts. Our book of 'The Dinosaur Hunt' is also at the bottom of this page if you want to look at that again.

If you don't have the story at home then you can listen to it here and read along with it.

Maths daily activities based on 'The Dinosaur Who Pooped a Planet' are on downloadable sheets at the bottom of the page  and ideas related to the book will be on the webpage and then also on a printable pdf at the bottom of the page incase you prefer to print out the work and highlight it.

Last week's activities can also be found at the bottom of the page. 

Don't forget reading is the most important thing you an do with your child. Listen to them read, or read to them. Enjoy stories together and talk about what you have read. This will help your child's listening, attention, improve their vocabulary and help to foster a love of literacy which will help them as they grow older too. 

I have recorded a video for the children that can be watched by clicking here!

If you wish to follow the same timetable that the children in school will be following then here is a sample of the timetable that Miss Dutton will be using in school.

Have a lovely week!

Stay Safe

Mrs Tomlinson xx 




Literacy : Reading and Phonics

Reading is one of the most important things you can do at home to continue your children’s learning. 

  • Read a variety of books at home. Favourites can be repeated. Hearing the patterns of language in a story will support your child’s language development. 
  • Children to read to parents daily. Visit Oxford Owl for free eBooks that link to your child’s book band.
  • Visit the Ruth Miskin website and watch  a video on any of the sounds you need to practise. The schedule for this half term is here.
  • Interactive Games on Phonics Play Enter the details that appear on the home screen to enter
  • Read the story of The Dinosaur Who Pooped a Planet or listen to it here!

 Literacy : Writing

  • Design your own dinosaur. Make some labels to describe it
  • Can you write a postcard to send from a planet
  • Can you make a list of ten things you would take with you to space?
  • Can you plan a healthy and tasty meal for the dinosaur so that it won’t need to eat up everything in sight?



  • Can you complete the daily White Rose maths sheets?
  • Watch a Numberblocks clip at: BBC or CBeebies. Use this guide here to give you ideas on what to do with your children whilst watching an episode.
  • Have a go at an activity on Mathletics
  • Sing 5 Little Men on a Flying Saucer



Personal, Social, Emotional Development

  • What do you think it would feel like to be in space, who would you want to take with you? Have you ever stayed away from your family? Do you think astronauts miss their families when they are in space?


Communication and Language

  • Can you talk with a grown up about what you know about space?
  • Can you look at the stars at night time and then talk about what you can see?

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Get some playdough out and make some dinosaurs, add some pasta to decorate
  • Join in with some dinosaur or space themed songs here or here
  • Create your own planet. What does your planet look like? Do aliens live there? Do they have pets? Get creative and draw your very own space scene!

  • Can you make a constellation picture using black paper, gold stars and white chalk?
  • Make a simple cardboard tube rocket with a deflated balloon taped to it, thread a string through the tube and ask two people to hold either end. Then ask an adult to blow up the balloon and release it. How far will your rocket travel?
  • Create a vehicle that you could use to travel into space. What would it look like? You could create a rocket using cardboard tubes, a spacecraft using old boxes or you could design a different type of vehicle to get you there!



  • Listen to Gustav Holstz ‘The Planet Suite –Venus’ here. While you are listening to it, draw what you think the planet might look like. What colour would it be? Can you talk to a grown up about what you think it would be like on the planet?

Physical Development


  • Join in with Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure, a tiny T-Rex who learns all about looking after his teeth. You can find the link here

Understanding the World

  • Can you complete a task on Purple Mash?
  • Can you research your favourite dinosaur? Where would you find the information? How big was it? What did it eat? What colour was it?
  • Freeze some dinosaurs in water? How can you rescue them? What could you use? How quickly does the ice melt?


A message from Mr Dooley...

Hello eveyone!

As you may already know this time of year is when  we usually have our fantastic sports day. We compete in teams and as individuals in a day of fun filled sports events. Unfortunately we can't do this as we usually would this year, but I would love it if you could try and recreate this with your families at home along with a picnic in the garden on a lovely sunny day! Please see the Virtual Sports Day PDF's to do this and try to create some more activities if you're feeling creative!

Have fun and enjoy!

Many thanks,

Mr Dooley

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