Year 3/4

   Week beginning: Monday 13th July 2020                  Summer term 2- Week 7



  A Big hello to our lovely 🦔 Hedgehogs.   Tips for Family Camping with Kids | Nature quotes, Nature quotes ...

Week 7 of our Summer term already!!

We cannot believe we are in the last week of this school year! What a different one it has been for us all. We are so very proud of all of you for how you have kept going with your learning in so many different ways and for how you have adapted to a slightly different sort of life. We hope it has been and will continue to be filled with love, fun and learning. 

Thank you all for you lovely work on desert habitats. Together, we have looked at lots of different parts of the world and we, along with you, have learned many new things. One thing common to our study of all habitats has been how important it is for us as humans to look after the world and to look out for the other creatures who share it. If you can remember nothing else from our studies, we know we all will remember this. We hope you all have many adventures around the world in the years to come as you follow your desire for adventure. We hope you have an amazing summer and thank you all for being so wonderful in every way. HAVE FUN heart heart




For the first task, we would like you to write an acrostic poem based on one of the habitats around the world that we have studied. Have a think about what you know about that environment and the creatures we have learnt about that live there. Here is an example of one about rainforests:


You may want to make a list of words about the habitat before you start, remembering to include both adjectives and verbs. 


For the second task, we would like you to write a travel brochure for one of the habitats of the world that we have studied over the term. You can make this more specific if you want to by focusing upon one area - a particular desert like the Sahara, a particular rainforest like the Amazon, a particular ocean like the Pacific etc... 

We have attached a writing template for a travel brochure at the bottom of the page if you would like to use it. 




Spellings - Summer Term 2 List 6 year 2 group, year 3 group and year 4 group ( see attached files)

Please also have a go in your homework books at the year 3/4 common exceptions words to read and spell.


As readers, your challenge this week is : to complete the reading comprehension about the Arabian Desert. There are three level of difficulty for you to choose from. 

Maybe you could also find your own Desert based story to read.

Meerkat Mail is a good example of one set in the Kalahari Desert.


Please continue reading  as many books as you can at home!  Tell someone all about the book that you have read and maybe write a book review or reccomendation if you particularly enjoyed it. 




As Mathematicians, we will look at:

This week we have attached a link to White Rose maths website where you will have daily lessons to complete. First, watch the video and then see if you can complete the questions following this.  Please don't feel that you have to do all of the lessons; choose what you feel comfortable doing. 

Please look at the downloadable files below and you'll find all the daily White Rose maths lessons to have a go at. If you are finding your year group's work too hard, don't panic and just do the year below. Every little helps (e.g. Year 3 - White Rose Week 4, Lesson 1 is the name of the downloadable resource at the bottom of this page for Monday)


Please continue to practise your times tables- How many can you answer in 5 minutes? ( see attached file or write out your own) Also practise these on Purple Mash and TT Rockstars!


Maths Fluency grid number of the week is: 555 for Year 4 and 142 for Year 3.

We also have a daily maths challenge for Year 3 and for Year 4. See if you can apply your learning and get those maths muscles working in this week's attached challenges.  You may want to do these before the maths lessons to get your brains ready enlightened

The Maths Muscle - Practice is the key to mastering maths

Practise is the key. yes


Don't forget to continue working on  your timetables on Mathletics, Purple Mash and TT Rockstars

*** We have altered the settings on TT Rockstarts to 'automatic trainer' which automatically decides which level of times tables to put you on depending on how many questions you can answer correctly in one minute - Answer 20 questions correctly in one minute to go up to the next level ***  Have fun smiley 

Click here to enter Mathletics login page

Click here to enter TT Rockstars login page

Click here to enter Purple Mash login page

If you have forgotten your passwords for any website email

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For your Geography task this week, we would like you to take a look at the location of deserts across the world. We would like you to complete the map in the documents attached below to show you can label them. 


Art /Design/Creativity

Choose from one or all of the following :

Make a paper mache globe and then label the deserts, oceans and continents if you can. Have a look at the attached document for instructions. 


Represent your favourite animal in art. This can be an animal from anywhere we have studied or from somewhere we haven't yet covered. You can draw in pencil, paint in watercolours or poster paints, colour in felt tip or crayon your favourite animal. Talk to somebody about why this animal means a lot to you.

KS2 Art Ideas and Resources | KS2 Artists and Artwork ...   Elephant art | Elephant art, Elementary art, Homeschool art



We have all been enjoying our mindfulness and relaxation and have learnt alot from cosmic kids-how it helps us feel calm and manage our emotions the best we can, in order to maximise our learning and be the best version of ourselves that we can!


Fitness and wellbeing:

We have some garden orienteeing activities for you this week. Please see attached documents . Let's keep active 👍

Let's keep our fitness up whilst we have time at home. Click on the link, watch the interactive home work out videos and give it a go. No equipment needed, so no excuses! Let's have fun and keep fit! Test yourself if you can and try to combine more than one exercise video. Why not try as many as you want throughout the day or even create your own?

Some nice fitness and wellbeing resources for the children to take part in during home learning can be accessed using the link below:


In these uncertain times, we want to help you and your children as much as we can with access to the following educational resources:


Many of you already have a Log In to access daily IDL Reading and Spelling and/or IDL Maths. Please continue to use daily for 20 minutes. 

Dyslexia Gold

Your children are now able to access Dyslexia Gold programs for the rest of the academic year, for your children to play at home.  The programs work on laptops, computers, tablets and phones and only need an internet connection.

If you would like use this program, please complete the form on this page:

It will give you instant access to the Teacher's dashboard where you can create your child's account free of charge!


Twinkl is supporting school closure with Home Learning Packs which includes an SEND Learning Pack. Please follow the following steps;

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the code  CVDTWINKLHELPS


Child Friendly Covid 19

Resources are available (please find below) to support children to understand the current situation. Please find attached  social stories including pictures to explain the current situation which are suitable for all children. One includes what is going to be happening in schools if the pupil has to stay in school and one is for the pupils who are at home and how to encourage them to complete school work at home. 

Kind Regards,

Mrs J Cliffe       (SENCo)


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