Searching for Narnia

Lesson: History

Class: Lower Key Stage 2: 'The Hedgehogs' Year: 2014 - 2015

Joseph was the first in our class to try and enter Narnia today.  We played the music, Joseph pulled down the sheet and we all watched with anticipation to see if he would get through.

As he entered the wardrobe he found a fur coat and a bow and arrow.  Sadly though he also discovered the back of the wardrobe.  To begin with we thought that the bow and arrow might have belonged to Susan but then we discovered that our wardrobe is also a time travelling machine!  It turns out that someone from the Stone Age has been here before and, being a hunter gatherer, left their bow and arrow behind.

We had lots of questions about who it might belong to and why they needed it so we will continue to learn about people in the Stone Age until someone else is brave enough to try and find Narnia and go into the wardrobe...

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