Year 1/2

Week beginning: Monday 13th July 2020          Summer term 2- Week 7 out of 7


Hello fabulous Deer Class  smiley

This is our last week learning together before your six week holiday! I hope you are making some nice plans for your time off. You all deserve a great Summer because you have worked so hard and I am very proud of you!



Click on my picture below to hear about this week's learning.          


This week I have set you maths work (pictograms and graphs), writing (create an 'Africa' acrostic poem), music/ dance (copying and remembering dance moves) computing (make yourself into a tour guide/ paint the South African flag) and art (Year 1/2 memory picture).

We will be watching The Lion King in class on Thursday afternoon as an end of year treat if you would like to do the same at home.

Have fun completing some or all of these activities and I look forward to seeing your work and receiving your emails if you would like to share anything!


Have a lovely last week and an amazing Summer holiday!

Thank you for all of your hard work!

You have been brilliant!smiley


Love from Miss Dutton x




Click here to enter online Purple Mash resources

Click here to enter Mathletics

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Use the link below to register on the Oxford Owls website. It is easy to set up the registration and it will give you access to a range of ebooks for ages 3-11.

Oxford Owl E Book Registration- link




Reading and Spelling - It is really important that you can all read and write words with the sounds below. Keep practising them! Can you choose a sound and write 6 words for it. Try to learn to spell 5 common exception words each week too.

Year 1 children- Check you can spell these words from the list above?


       put              push            pull/ full           house           our


Year 2 children-

We have now learned to spell some words that end in 'al' like jackal and 'el' like camel. 

This sound at the end of words can also be spelled by adding 'le'. This is the most common word ending for this sound.

This week I would like you to learn to spell these 6 words that end in 'le'.


purple          candle          people          castle          whistle        trouble





 * * * Please keep practising temperature, mass, capacity, time telling, adding, subtracting and counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s to learn your times tables. There are also maths challenges for year 1 and year 2 in the files at the bottom of this page. * * *

As mathematicians- Can you read information from pictograms and graphs?


Warm up

What is...

Half of 2?        Half of  10?         Half of 6?            Half of 4?   

Half of 12?       Half of 14 ?        Half of 8?             Half of 16?

Half of 18?        Half of 20?       Half of 40?          Half of 100?


Pictograms and graphs

Pictograms and graphs help us to show information in a bright and colourful way.

Activity 1- This week you are going to see if you can read  information from pictograms and block graphs to answer questions.

Click on the link below for your activity sheets.

Pictogram and graph activities


Activity 2- Why not have a go at creating your own graph using Purple Mash? You may like to collect information from as many family members and friends as you can about their favourite African animals, seasons, chocolate bars or games for example (Give them 5 to choose from). Or maybe you could count the different colours of cars parked in your road or ones that drive past your window in 10 minutes? Counting the different colours in a tube of smarties is always fun!

Create yourself a simple table like this to record your findings before making your graph.

I have set this activity as a 'To do' on Purple Mash for you.

You can type a title for your graph and choose the colours that you want for each option as I did for mine below.

Number line 0-20

100 square






As writers- Can you write your own Africa acrostic poem?


In an acrostic poem the first letter of each line spells a word going down the page. The word is the main subject of the poem. Each line of the poem can be made up of just one word or a phrase or sentence about the subject.


Activity 1- Read these acrostic poems with an adult. Do you both have the same favourite?


Activity 2- Think of as many words as you can that start with the letters in the word Africa as this will be the subject of your acrotic poem. You could create a plan like this to collect the best words. Remember there are 2 letter As in Africa.


Activity 3-Using all of the information you have learned about the continent of Africa, can you create your own Africa acrostic poem?







Why not illustrate you poem too or decorate a page border for it?

If you have enjoyed this activity then why not have a go at creating an acrostic poem for your favourite African animal?





Music and Dance

As a dancer- can you copy and remember dance moves?


Everyone in school seemed to enjoy singing and dancing to our African song 'Maliswe' last week so I thought we'd have a bit of fun with another of my favourite Africa songs this week.

In 2010 South Africa hosted the Football World Cup and matches were played in 10 of their football stadiums, including the one in Cape Town that we have already seen pictures of.

The official song of the 2010 South African World Cup was called 'WAKA WAKA' which means 'to shine'. 

The links below will show the closing ceremony of the South African World Cup in 2010 and a dance tutorial to learn the moves to the song. Why not have a go at dancing along? There's a footballer friendly version too! 


Closing ceremony of South African World Cup 2010

WAKA WAKA dance moves

Just dance footballer friendly moves




In computing- can you turn yourself into a safari guide and paint the South African flag?


On Purple Mash I have set you 'to do'activities. 

Follow the instructions to take a photo of yourself and create your new look as a safari tour guide! laugh  Can you paint the South African flag the correct colours too?





As an artist- can you draw or paint some of your favourite memories of being in either year 1 or year 2 this last year.

I'm so sorry that our year together in school was cut short but I have loved every minute of teaching you in the Deer Class! 

My favourite memories of our year together would be our Christmas play- 'Lights, camel, action 2', playing in the snow on the playground, going to see Santa at Delamere Forest, making our bird feeders, gymnastics with the big equipment in the hall, making our clay Diwali lamps, seeing your amazing inventions in our Dragon's Den challenge, creating our own Traction Man adventures and our visit to the Victorian museum followed by our Victorian day in school.

What a great year we have had! 

Thanks for making it so special Deer Class! smiley





Fitness and wellbeing:

Let's keep our fitness up whilst we have time at home. Click on the link, watch the interactive home work out videos and give it a go. No equipment needed, so no excuses! Let's have fun and keep fit! Test yourself if you can and try to combine more than one exercise video. Why not try as many as you want throughout the day or even create your own?

Click here to keep up your fitness

Some nice fitness and wellbeing resources for the children to take part in during home learning can be accessed using the link below:


In these uncertain times, we want to help you and your children as much as we can with access to the following educational resources:


Many of you already have a Log In to access daily IDL Reading and Spelling and/or IDL Maths. Please continue to use daily for 20 minutes. 

Dyslexia Gold

Your children are now able to access Dyslexia Gold programs for the rest of the academic year, for your children to play at home.  The programs work on laptops, computers, tablets and phones and only need an internet connection.

If you would like use this program, please complete the form on this page:

It will give you instant access to the Teacher's dashboard where you can create your child's account free of charge!


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